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Your bridal bouquet will be the most special handful of flowers you will ever hold. And, like the gorgeous gal carrying it, your bouquet will be the center of attention.

Your bouquet is part accessory, part medium for self –expression, and part work of art. Your bouquet will give an indication of the style of the celebration. It’s style should echo your own, while complementing that of your wedding. Your bouquet will establish the style of the rest of your wedding flowers. For example, the groom will most likely wear a boutonniere made from one of the flower varieties in your bouquet, and while your bouquet will be grander than your maids’, theirs will borrow from its shape, varieties, and palette.

For the best possible bouquet choose flower varieties that are long-lasting without water, and durable. Your bouquet will be in motion and handled throughout the day. Next, decide on color. All white has always been the most traditional, however, your bouquet should reflect your personality. If you are fun loving and adventurous, then anything goes!

When choosing your bouquets shape, consider the formality of your gown and body type. Generally, voluptuous brides should go with bigger bouquets, as small nosegays might seem out of proportion. Petite brides should pass on the grand bouquets, as their tiny figures might get lost behind a sea of flowers.

Whether classic, glamorous, sophisticated, or playful, your bouquet can be as individual, and beautiful, as you are.

Your wedding bouquet

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