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The most frequent etiquette question regarding wedding flowers is who pays for what?  Traditionally, the costs are shared as follows:

The Bride and/or her family are responsible for the Bridesmaid Bouquets, Flower Girl Bouquets, Grandmother Corsages  & Ceremony/Reception Flowers.

The Groom and/or his family are responsible for the Brides Bouquet, Mother’s Corsages, Groom’s Boutonniere and all other Boutonnieres.

Many do not know the history of “who pays for what” and find it quite interesting.  While tradition dictates the breakdown, it does not mean that the costs must be shared in this manner.  Often the bride’s family pays for all of the flowers.  While today’s wedding couples are a little older and more established, many choose to pay for the flowers and the complete wedding themselves.

Wedding Flowers: Who Pays For What?

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