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We have all heard about the new trend “trash the dress” right?  Seriously, brides spend thousands of dollars on their wedding dress, and although they may only wear that dress one time, how many brides can actually bring themselves to trash it?

One of my recent brides told me that she is having three wedding ceremonies.  A formal ceremony here in Colorado, and two out of state for family members who can’t attend the church ceremony.   This was the first time that I had ever heard of a bride having three wedding ceremonies and actually getting to wear her wedding three times!  I told her how lucky she was, because most brides only wear the dress once and then put it into storage.  She then told me about the plans she had for her wedding dress.  Her dress would only be saved until the birth of their first daughter, because the dress would be used to make her daughter’s Christening dress.

What a wonderful and beautiful idea!  This child will wear a dress that was part of the union between her parents.  What a symbolic gesture for a child’s Christening day.  It would be wonderful if more dresses were used this way instead of sitting tightly packed on the top shelf of a closet.  What a wonderful gift for the child, one that can be handed down and worn again and again.

Trash the dress?  I guess in a way yes, but in a much better and useful way.

Trash the Dress?

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