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Did you know that throwing your bouquet at the end of the festivities dates back to the eighteenth century?  It was thought that it would pass on the good fortune of the bride and groom to anyone who was lucky enough to catch the flowers.  This was a serious tradition in the days when a woman was considered the property of, first, her father and then her husband after marriage.  Back then, marriage was necessary for the woman to secure her own financial security.  We have moved on from those days, but the custom of throwing the bouquet remains a lovely highlight of the end of the festivities.  If you are interested in this tradition, be sure to tell your florist at your wedding flower consultation.  Many brides can’t bear to part with their beautiful bouquet, however, your florist should be able to provide you with a smaller version of your bouquet especially for this part of your celebration.

Tossing your bouquet

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