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You’ve chosen the perfect dress, the veil, and the shoes, now to complete your look you will need to choose a magnificent bouquet of flowers!  Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding bouquet.

Complement Your Gown

Your flowers should complement your dress, not compete with it.  If your gown is very ornate, you might opt for a clean and streamlined look, while a simple dress might be a perfect match for a more extravagant arrangement.  If you have fabric swatches or photos of your gown, take them with you to your meeting with your florist.  This along with details about your wedding venue and ceremony theme will be helpful in choosing the right flowers.

Explore Different Bouquet Shapes

Bouquets can be made in various styles and sizes, from extravagant cascading bouquets to a free form, hand-tied style.  The possibilities are endless!


Love the smell of flowers?  Contrary to popular belief, not all flowers are fragrant.  Consider adding a few fragrant blossoms into your bouquet, like gardenias, stock, or stephanotis.  Consider aroma as part of your impact.

Stem Appeal

Consider wrapping the stems to compliment your blooms.  Wrap them tightly in a carefully braided ribbon or a gorgeous piece of fabric that compliments the color scheme of your entire affair.  If you alter your gown and have extra fabric, consider wrapping your stems with it for a beautiful coordinated look.


Flowers Slim You Down

Remember to hold your flowers as low as possible!  It is natural for you to be nervous, as you are the center of attention.  Brides inadvertently pull their bouquet upward to their chest, or into their bellies as a protective mechanism.  Hold your bouquet below your waist so it sits low on your gown.  This will shave a couple of inches off your waistline.  Who doesn’t want to look taller and thinner?

Prevent Wilting

Flowers are fragile and can perish easily.  That is the reason many bouquets are made with hardier flowers like roses, peonies, and lilies.  If you select more delicate varieties like gardenias, hydranges, or lily of the valley, you will need to take precautions.

Hydrangeas need to be kept in water as long as possible.  Lily of the valley and gardenias bruise easily, and will need to be kept upright and not resting on its side.  If you will be using hydrangeas or delicate blooms in your bouquet, keep it refrigerated until the very last moment before the ceremony.  If you are taking photographs before the ceremony on a hot summer day, you may want to consider having your florist make two bouquets or having a hidden water source.






Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Bouquet

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