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1.  Late-Night Wedding Snacks

All that dancing works up an appetite, which is why many brides and grooms add late-night wedding snacks to cap off their day.  Think street fare fun foods, comfort food or easy breakfast pick-up food.  Silver dollar pancake stacks anyone?

2.  Gourmet Food Trucks

Mobile eateries have been around since the days of the chuck wagon.  Today they’re popular from New York to California.  Many couples are embracing this unique trend as a creative way to feed wedding guests.  Multiple food trucks can be brought to almost any venue and serve a variety of food from ethnic to the American hot dog.  Be sure to plan for the weather and the number of anticipated guests.

3.   Artisan Spirits, Signature Drinks, Craft Beers, Wine

Weddings are about celebration and savoring the good things in life:  family, friends, food, and don’t forget drinks.  More and more couples are getting creative in how they incorporate wine and spirits.  Signature drinks remain popular, but now craft beer displays, artisan spirits, and wine tasting are growing in popularity.

4.  Decadent Desserts

It hasn’t been “just wedding cake” in years.  Pie buffets or dessert stations with assorted parfaits, cookies, truffles, pudding, cannoli shells, brownies, and cheesecake are popular.  How about an ice cream bar with scrumptious toppings like crushed Oreos and Butterfingers with whipped cream and cherries?  Eating all this will give you a reason to dance all night long!

5.  Niche Food Bars

As the average wedding size continues to grow, niche food bars are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a greater variety of food and are cost-effective since fewer servers are needed.  The key to a good station is action!  A chef cooking or a server assembling different components of the dish will make the station feel alive and will move the quality of the food up a notch.  Food doesn’t have to be fancy and high-end to be effective if you add action.  Niche food stations also give guests an opportunity to mingle as they move about the reception hall.  The food choices are endless, mashed and sweet potato station with all the condiments, Mediterranean food like lamb, hummus, and assorted cheeses, or street fair like sliders and hot dogs.  Anything is possible!

6.  Coffee Bar

Complete with its own barista, it will give your wedding the feel of an upscale coffee shop, and ties in nicely with wedding dessert offerings.  Add hot cocoa and frappe drinks for the younger guests and cordial shots for the adults.

7.  Healthier Kids’ Choices

For the young ones at your wedding, why not offer healthier food choices with more whole grains, and fruit and veggies as sides.  Remember to go nut-free – avoiding foods with tree nuts or peanuts – for those with allergies.

8.  Locally-Sourced/Seasonal Fare

Local sourcing of food continues to be popular as consumers look to reduce their carbon footprint, support local growers and farmers, offer quality products, and keep costs down.  Everything from locally sourced vegetables to meats, ice cream, wines, beers, and spirits is possible.  If it’s made locally, it can be offered.

9.  Enhanced Intermezzo

Used throughout Europe as a way to cleanse the palate in between courses, intermezzos are usually small, light and refreshing. Sorbet is commonly used, as is a light sparkling wine such as Prosecco.  But why not spruce it up a bit?  Wrap the sorbet in foil, like a piece of French candy.  Consider a wine-infused sorbet with cabernet, merlot, or sangria, or Italian lemon ice served in the paper cup with a wooden spoon.  Another idea is to move away from sorbet entirely and serve shaved ice granitas or a liquid intermezzo like a non-alcoholic version of punch romaine.

10.  Allergy-Free Fare

With food allergies on the rise, there is an ever-growing need to accommodate those who must eat a certain way because they have no choice.  This is a really important trend that cannot be ignored.  Fortunately, an ever-growing group of vendors and caterers are able to provide allergy-free alternatives.  The truly allergen-free and gluten-free vendors have had training for themselves and their staff in how to prepare their work environment and handle the food safely from source-to-service without risking cross-contamination.  Their staff will know how to respond to guest questions without making the guest feel conspicuous because they understand the medical nature of the request.







The Top 10 Wedding Cuisine Trends

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