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In the Victorian language of flowers the Carnation is symbolic of admiration, and pure love. Why then has it become almost obsolete in the wedding bouquet?
The carnation has become an outcast in the flower industry, mainly because people view it as a cheap funeral flower, but the carnation is not the cheap flower that it used to be, there are so many advantages that are often overlooked.

The best advantage is that it gives great value for the price, and comes in a wide range of colors. They are also extremely long lasting, and have a wonderful fragrance. Their soft ruffled edges give bouquets texture and visual interest.

Can’t afford hydrangeas? Carnations when massed together can mimic the look of hydrangeas, and will last twice as long! Massed flowers of one type have recently been the most popular choice for weddings and are perhaps one of the most successful options because they photograph well.

So don’t be too quick to discount the lonely carnation. It may just be the flower you need to express YOUR admiration and love!

The lonely carnation

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