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bouquet and wine bottleDid you know that the average price of a wedding is $28K?  Even though we would all love to have that extravagant wedding that we’ve always dreamed of, unfortunately, we all must deal with the reality of what we can afford.  Often times you’ll end up compromising and settling for the basic wedding options instead of what you really want.   But if you could have the wedding you want at the price you want, would you?  Then the answer may be in downsizing your guest list and having a more intimate wedding.   Narrowing your guest list may be the way to keep your budget in check without compromising the indulgences you’d like to bestow on your guests.

The smaller your guest list, the larger your venue possibilities, like that cute restaurant you both love, your parents backyard, or that beautiful art gallery. Aren’t these options better than that institutional establishment that most brides end up with?

Minimizing your guest list will allow you to indulge the people close to you and who really matter in your life, instead of entertaining people you barely know.  Consider it “exclusive access” to your wedding.  With a smaller guest list you’ll be able to splurge on that expensive champagne and caviar.

Your intimate wedding will make it easier for your guests to mix and mingle, and you will get to spend time with each and every person you invite.  Wouldn’t that be a lovely way to spend your wedding day?


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The Advantages of Downsizing your Wedding

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