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Almost every bride knows the look she would like to have for her wedding bouquet; romantic, fun, wild, simple, etc.  But while every bride knows the look she may want, she may have trouble finding the right flowers to achieve that look.

I recently met with a bride who wanted her bouquet to look simple yet elegant.  She knew what colors she wanted for her bouquet, but didn’t know which flowers to choose to give her the look she wanted.  After listening to this bride describe her perfect bouquet, it was determined that she did indeed want something simple yet elegant.  She did not want a bouquet filled with lots of different flowers or fillers, and roses were definitely out.

The first flower that came to my mind for simple yet elegant was Calla Lilies.  She knew that she wanted white and purple and she found both with the Picasso Calla Lily.  With this simple flower, she was able to achieve her simple, yet elegant look.


Simply Elegant

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