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It is an honor to be chosen as the Best Man at a wedding. Many times the decision is a difficult one, does the Groom choose his brother or his best friend since grade school? No matter who is chosen, make sure that they are responsible and able to handle all the responsibilities that come with the position.

Before the ceremony, the Best Man helps the Groom get ready and must be absolutely sure that he has the marriage license with him. If he forgets this, there will be no wedding, and that is trouble from the very beginning. He should get the ministers fee from the Groom and give this money to the minister privately following the ceremony. It is also the Best Man’s responsibility to look after the little guy, the ring bearer, and make sure that he explains to him what he is supposed to do. He assists with car arrangements and luggage arrangements for after the reception, and make sure that the Groom has all necessary tickets and travel documents. Before the ceremony, the Best Man should tell the ushers which ladies will be receiving corsages and make sure that thy don’t seat them before they are pinned on. The Best Man should arrive at the reception first so that he can welcome the Bride and Groom. So no riding in the limo together. If you do, drop him off first and have him go in ahead of you. In fact, send everyone in ahead of you so that you newlyweds can share a private moment together before heading inside to a reception full of people who won’t leave you alone for the next four hours! The Best Man should make the first toast at both the reception, and the rehearsal dinner, and hopefully, he won’t make one that will embarass you to death. He also should help the Groom get ready to leave the reception. And last but not least, he should make arrangements for flowers to be delivered to the Newlywed’s honeymoon suite.

So it’s not all party after all for the Best Man. If he’s on top of things he will ensure that the day runs smoothly from beginning to end. After it’s all over, he can sit back relax and give himself a big pat on the back for a job well done.

Responsibilities of the Best Man

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