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It takes at least six months to plan a formal wedding on a large scale, however, it is possible to arrange less formal celebrations in three months or less. If you pick a popular time of year to have your wedding, you may find that many sites and services are already booked, so it is always better to start the planning process early. When it comes to the flowers, most varieties are available year around. The exceptions being lily-of-the-valley, which has a very limited availability outside the month of May, peonies, which although can sometimes be outsourced at a hefty price, are generally available only during the months of May and June. If sweet peas are your chosen flower, it will make sense to hold your wedding during the summer months rather than in winter. Nature is a great mentor, and following the trends of the season will give the most harmonious and beautiful results. The other major consideration for your wedding flowers is that certain dates are peak times for the flower industry. If you are a real romantic and decide to get married on Valentine’s Day, it not only might be difficult to get a florist to commit to arranging your wedding flowers, but you can expect to pay premium price for them as well.

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