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I was asked to add additional information about event or wedding painters which is a West Coast trend moving East.  Live event artists such as A.T. Archuleta (Secret Window Gallery) will complete your oil painting in approximately 4-6 hours.  Although most wedding painters paint with acrylics because of their short drying time, Archuleta prefers oils because it adds more luminosity.  The trade off with an oil painting is that it usually takes a couple of weeks for it be dry enough to glaze and be delivered to the bride and groom.  Archuleta also recommends putting a varnish on the painting after four to six months.  This will add to the archival capability and beauty of your oil painting.

I recommend that you look at several  paintings of the artist you choose so that you feel comfortable with their talent and ability to capture your special moment.  Not all painters are equal!

The artist should schedule a meeting with you to discuss the details of your event including day, location, and time. You should choose which special moment of your celebration you would like captured in the painting such as the ceremony or reception.  The reception is preferable since it allows more time for the artist to capture the feeling of the event.  The artist should arrive approximately two hours before the start of your event to set up the blank canvas and begin laying out the scene, and filling in the background.  The artist will continue working through your event capturing the look of your guests, including the bride and groom, and the overall beauty of the location as the moments unfold.

As your celebration progresses, the artist will finalize the details on the painting. Your guests will love to take a look at the work in progress and will be fascinated by how quickly the painting evolves.  A wedding painter is a great way to add entertainment to your event and give you a lasting memory.  The cost of a talented event painter ranges from $1500 – $3000 on up.


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