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Planning a wedding is a lot of work.  It is easier when everyone involved takes care of their responsibilities, however, many don’t know what their job entails.  Maintaining traditional etiquette in this area can often eliminate frustrations, hurt feelings, and ruffled feathers.   We will help you identify who is responsible for what here.  This week we will start with the primary responsibilities of the Mother of the Bride.

First and foremost, the Mother of the Bride should help the Bride and Groom set a wedding budget.  Once that task is done it’s off to the fun stuff, Shopping!!  She should accompany the Bride and help her pick  out her wedding attire.  She should also select the gown that she will be wearing to the ceremony as quickly as possible, and then inform the Mother of the Groom of the color and style so that the two can coordinate without duplicating.  The Mother of the Bride should help create a guest list for the wedding, get a list from the Groom’s family, and assist the bride in ordering the invitations.  It is also the Mother of the Bride’s responsibility to accommodate her out-of-town guests.

This is just the beginning of the wedding party responsibilities.   Next we will cover the responsibilities of the Mother of the Groom so stay tuned for more!


He popped the question, you said yes! Now who’s responsible for what?

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