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Are you struggling with what to buy your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to thank them for being part of your special day?  Here are some ideas that are affordable and useful.

For your Bridesmaids

The most popular gift for Bridesmaids is usually a nice piece of jewelry or accessory that compliments their dress, but wouldn’t it be nice to treat them to some “girl time” with a luxurious spa gift card?  Whether it’s a mani-pedi the morning of the wedding or a massage and facial after the bachelorette party, this relaxing gift is one that they will surely treasure.


For Your Groomsmen

Tired of the same old idea of a monogrammed flask, or cufflinks that eventually end up in a drawer? Time to think outside the box!  If your groomsmen are sports buffs, how about buying them tickets to a big game featuring their favorite team?  Throw in a prepaid card for a couple of beers, and believe me, they will be in heaven with a gift they will always remember.


For Your Maid of Honor and Bestman

You have given this honor to someone who is important in your life.  They accompany you on dress shopping trips and tastings, they plan your bachelor and bachelorette parties, and are there as witnesses when you sign your marriage certificate.  Take the time to thank them in a way that is truly personal and shows them how much they are appreciated.  Consider arranging a dinner for two at their favorite restaurant, tickets to a theatre performance or museum, or season tickets for experiences you know they’ll cherish.


Whatever gift you choose, try to make it as personable and useful as possible.  Your guys and gals will truly appreciate your efforts.




Gifting your Guys and Gals

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