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Still struggling with your bridesmaids flowers?  Here are some ideas for choosing your bridesmaids’ blooms.

Mismatched.  If you’re planning a rustic-themed wedding or a garden celebration, mismatched bouquets help to create a relaxed, informal feel.  The “just picked” look, with lots of greenery and foliage tied with twine, is popular.  Or, if you prefer something more contemporary, give your bridesmaids different bouquets for a fresh, modern look.

Color Pop.   Why not adorn your best girls with posies in a variety of rainbow shades?  This is a great way to add a touch of bold color to your wedding day.  Sunshine-yellow craspedia and hot-pink peonies make a huge impact, particularly when paired  with pretty gowns in delicate neutrals.  If you fancy going for brights but the mismatched look isn’t for you, think about using just one bloom in a stand-out color.

Sorbet Chic.  Classic and undeniably romantic, sorbet shades for bridesmaids’ flowers are here to stay.  Soft hues of off-white, green and lavender work well when paired with feminine chiffon frocks and loose, romantic hairstyles.  I love large blowsy hydrangea heads and pale-pink roses tied with lace, ribbon or shimmering organza for an elegant and timeless look.


Bridesmaids Blooms

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