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To find the perfect bouquet for you, think in terms of an overall style.  Simple, natural, or romantic.  A simple bouquet, either in a traditional or modern sense, can work for almost any wedding style.  Simple may have only one variety of flower.  A dainty posy of staphanotis, the most classic of wedding flowers is subtle and elegant.

A natural bouquet is more freely styled, loosely arranged, and is ideal for semi-formal or informal weddings.  Natural can include sunflowers, zinnias or a variety of seasonal flowers.  Herbs can be mixed in along with numerous grasses and pods providing a wildflower look.

A romantic bouquet is lush and overflowing, and can be tailored to many wedding styles.  Think of a bouquet with a mix of peonies and David Austin garden roses, parrot tulips or frilly sweet peas.  A romantic bouquet can also be complemented with berry accents and swirling tendrils of ivy or other greenery.  Of course, these styles are always open to interpretation and adaptation.

Bouquet Types

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