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Generally, bouquet shapes fall into five categories, Nosegay, Posy, Round, Hand-tied, and Cascade.

The nosegay bouquet is approximately 16-18 inches in diameter, and is a densely packed mound of flowers, greenery, and sometimes herbs.  Both simple and elegant, this bouquet works best with compact blooms such as roses, ranunculus, calla lilies, and tulips.  You can mix and match the flowers or use only one variety.  The nosegay is ideal for nearly every style of wedding, and can be dressed up or down, depending on your choice of flowers and stem treatments.

The Posy is smaller than a nosegay, but similar in design.  It is perfect for little hands, or for a bridesmaid’s bouquet, and is usually made with smaller bloomed flowers.

The round bouquet is similar in style to a nosegay but usually larger.  The classic round bouquet usually contains large flowers loosely arranged.  It is a good option for the bride in a formal wedding that wants something bolder than a nosegay, but less conspicuous than a cascading bouquet.

The hand-tied bouquet is a bunch of blooms casually hand-tied with a ribbon.  This type of bouquet works best in an informal wedding since it has a just-picked natural look.  A mix of garden flowers or French tulips can give a simple yet elegant look for a spring wedding.

The cascade bouquet or shower bouquet is the most formal and traditional of the bridal bouquets.  It is often composed of blooms that are wired to “cascade” or shower gracefully over the bride’s hands.  Petite brides should pass on this bouquet, as it can be potentially overwhelming.

Bouquet Shapes

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