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Ever wondered how many brides receive their wedding flowers on their wedding day and are disappointed with the quality and the way they look?  This happens more than you think.  Having been in the flower industry for over 25 years I have heard many horror stores, and have come to the rescue of many distraught brides.   I recently had a mother come into my studio asking if I do weddings.  When I told her that I did she breathed a sigh of relief and told me that her daughter was getting married in two weeks.  She had not heard from the florist that they had originally booked with so she decided to pay them a visit.  To her dismay she found out that the florist was no longer in business.

Imagine your wedding day with no flowers.  There could be nothing more disappointing on your wedding day, than having your flowers arrive and not meet your expectations.  If I can give one word of advice to all you future brides, it is do your homework on your florist.  Do they have an actual business location, or work out of their home? Do they have a floral cooler?  Many florists who work out of their home or a remote location, do not, which means that your flowers are sitting out at room temperature until they are delivered to you.  If they have a cooler, Take a look at the designs inside, do you like their style? Don’t be afraid to ask questions! How long have you been in business, how much floral experience do you have?  How many weddings have you done? May I see pictures of your work?  Any reputable florist will be happy to answer any questions you have and show examples of their work to you.  It is essential that you do your homework ahead of time to avoid disappointment on your wedding day.

Avoid wedding day disappointment

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